Volunteer Work.

Mat Volunteers with the Bedrock Radio, a local Hospital Radio station.

He’s actually a trustee there, helping share his radio skills with other volunteers who want to learn the basics of presenting & producing.

He’s fronted projects at Bedrock, such as upgrading the studio with newer mixers & industry level software (which he also helps maintain), Overseen the merger of Bedrock & Goodmayes Hospital Radio.
Plus liaising with the hospital trust into expanding the hospital radio into public areas & seeking to upgrade ageing equipment.

#Volunteer at www.bedrockradio.org.uk

In addition to Volunteering at Bedrock Radio, Mat & Lee also help maintain systems for other Hospital services, most recently in 2020 / 2021 working on IT upgrades at Harlow Hospital Radio.


Other charitable things Mat has taken part in:

  • First (and most likely last ever) stand up comedy fundraiser.
  • Provided P.A for a school summer fetes & other Charity Events. 
  • Made someone else a cup of tea.