I’m changing career….

Well sort of, I’m a man of many hats, and soon to doth another cap to my collection!

So, I’ve been in professional radio for a few years now, built up a nice afternoon show, with some fantastic loyal listeners. but the only problem with working in professional radio is the pay. Essentially your only paid for the work you do, and when your doing a few hours a day, that doesn’t add up to much, with both Time & Decades. it’s below a ‘liveable’ wage.

So I’m taking a rather bold move, I’ve applied to Stagecoach London, to become a Bus Driver.

The future Image sourced from: TFL forum

Seriously… I admit it’s quite a change, well it’s a totally different industry, but one that’s calling out for people to join it, the pay seems good for a person of my age. I’ve undergone a series of assessments, interviews and medicals. Now I just have to apply myself to passing a theory, practical and CPC tests to become qualified. The motivation is the pay and a different environment are appealing.

So next time you get on a bus… it could be me saying hello!

The radio dream isn’t over! I’m still keeping my finger in the proverbial pie, with cover shifts and production work. Plus the charity stuff! It’s just a decision, based on a realisation that I want and need to be able to move on and progress along the highway of life.

So here’s to driving a double decker bus…



Bedrock Two is coming!

This August another one of my crazy ideas has become a reality – we’re setting ‘Bedrock Two’

So this rather ambition project I have had in mind for a couple of years. Following some research at it being done at two other stations and hearing a relative form of success. We’ve agreed funding, invested in equipment. It’s finally happening!

What is Bedrock Two?
Is is a second station to run alongside the current hospital radio service, it’s going to be a oldies or ‘gold’ format.

The station will initially play classics hits from the 40s – early 80s, with most songs coming from the 50s, 60s and 70s.
with a strong feature of Motown (Soul) and Rock & Roll. The service will also play Classical music and become home to our Audiobooks. It’s intended that news will be provided hourly, with local and hospital information given on the half hour.

Presenters will be volunteers of Bedrock, with occasional external syndicated programmes that will compliment the service, the occasional suitable programmes will be shared between both Bedrock stations. The service will be primary autonomous in service, however it will have the ability to broadcast live if required.

It’s undecided if the on-air branding would be ‘Bedrock Gold’ There is currently no slogan. It’s possible that the station would carry the ‘Timeless Classics’ motif from the main station, for big selling or iconic songs. On-Air imaging will need to be created, ideally with an ‘oldies’ feel. It’s possible a strong clear male voice over could be the ideal voice over for the station.
(finer details to be sorted, after the music is loaded)


The new service has the potential to work very well, just by the demographic of Havering alone.
According to the 2011 Census:

Havering has the highest proportion of adult social care users aged 65+ compared to all London boroughs. Three quarters (74.2%) of Havering adult social care clients were aged 65 or older in 2010/11.

It provides an alternative service suited towards the older listener, who may not want to hear more current chart music as part of their regular programming. I believe this service has potential to be listened externally by the local areas catering towards the social inclusion of patients receiving care in the community (providing they have access to an internet connection).

August 29, 2015

Your always learning… that’s a true fact. I attended my first Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA) Conference & AGM earlier this year, in Newcastle. It was an experience, with the opportunity to visit another studio, see the trade show and hear what the HBA is doing. Myself and Lee (Bedrock Engineer) decided to take a chance […]

April 23, 2015

Decades Radio

I’ve been approached by Decades Radio an online radio station to help with production for this new set up.

I’m working alongside some iconic names including David Hamilton (Former BBC), Dean Martin (Gold (AM/DAB) amongst many others.

I’m mostly working in production, helping prepare and produce programmes such as the ‘Million Sellers’ weekday show.

For more; www.decadesradio.co.uk


March 9, 2015
November 19, 2014

Santa Raising Funds For Hospital Radio!

Santa’s Grotto will be  open every Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 4pm on the build up to Christmas.

The grotto is a fun and magical activity for children to visit Santa at just
 £4 per visit per child, 50%  of which will be donated to Bedrock.

Bedrock’s Chairman, Mathew Watson says: “We are absolutely thrilled to have been asked to be Santa’s Helpers for second year, We’re pleased to have such great support from the Romford Shopping Hall, The Bedrock team are excited and hope to smash last years donation!  It is a great opportunity to be working and promoting our charity within the local community.”

Read the whole story at www.bedrockradio.org.uk

November 19, 2014

Bedrock; BHR Chief Exec Interview.

During my Evening show at Bedrock I was joined by Chief Executive, Matthew Hopkins, Of BHR Hospitals Trust. I spoke to him about his experience in healthcare,  and how the Trust are improving patent care.you can listen again to my with Matt interview below;


Or over at www.bedrockradio.org.uk  – This interview was first broadcast Thursday 28th August, 2014.

August 29, 2014

Earlier this year I bought a Parrot A.R Drone, and I have to say it’s one of the best ever boys toys i’ve ever bought!

I’ve kind of got the hang of flying it now, minus a few crashes here of there… but the nice thing about flying the drone, is quite simply, it allows me to get outside, have a wonder through parks and woodlands and try and grab some nice aerial photography.

I’m not saying i’m a photographer by any means, nor do I have the right equipment. But I’ve found a new hobby!
that’s fun and allows me to have a nice long walk. Below are a few snaps from the drone.

August 23, 2014

I’m covering Sunday Mornings for most of August over at Time FM join me’self on the wireless from 7am – 12pm for the best way to start sunday!

A Month of Sundays….

I’ve got the pleasure of covering Sunday Breakfast on the 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th of August!

We’ll start at 7am with the breakfast show,

Move into the Time Tunnel at 9

plus form 10, 2 hours of tunes picked by you on the jukebox!


Sounds a good way to start your Sundays in August!

July 17, 2014