Would you believe I’m 25 years old and I have never been on a holiday abroad. I have never explored another Country ever (Not counting the school trip to France year ago, I choose to forget that experience through choice).

Actually, I know of people who are older than me and have never stepped foot abroad. I am due to have some annual leave late October / Early November and for the best part of a year, myself and Lee had been talking about going on Holiday. Most likely somewhere in Europe as that’s cheaper than going to the USA, New Zealand or somewhere far, far away.

We decided to start bouncing ideas of places we would like to visit, after-all the Europe is a big place.
My one request was to avoid france, I had very little intrest in staying there, plus Lee had already been ealier in the year. So we both agreed the first stop en-route would be Luxemberg.

Venice was chosen as the  the furthest destination and worked out how many days it would take to get there, we used Furkot  to help plan the trip, it works out the days, and forces ‘rests’ into your journey – Clever stuff!
Now with an idea of places we would be recommended to stop, we started reviewing places we perfered.

Luxembourg (avoiding France), Switzerland, Italy, Germany…

Now we had to narrow the list down to actual places en-route, plus with a few extra places thrown in, Lee suggested Czech Republic, so that went in. I discovered Hammberg had the worlds largest model railway (as a child I went to a few Model Railway exhibitions in London with my dad) so my inner child could be amazed.

From here we have a route… a long, long route… averaging 2500 miles… that’s not including driving round towns and the Cities….

Places to stay

This was inevitably going to be awkard, trying to book places that A) Spoke English, of some degree. B) Had Twin rooms (I’m not sharing a bed with Lee… I snore and i’m greedy with the covers (Ladies, i’m your typical bloke when asleep…)). C) Wasn’t too far from the places we wanted to visit…

I suggested we try Air BnB I remember reading about it, and seeing mostly positive outcomes we decided to book a couple of places, along with a few hotels… We have however, decided to only book 50% of the rooms, just in case we change our minds en-route.


So now to pack, get money, and go….