Deacde In Review.

With the birth of social media, it’s great to have a visual look back at what i’ve done over 10 years… So without further ado, let’s have a look at my life…



  • DJ’d NYE Party in local pub.
  • January – Another Year Older.
  • Relationship: Still dating Jo’Ann
  • Worked briefly at Link FM (hired 2 weeks before it closed) as Promotional & Sales with a target area of “Whole Local Area” – This was clearly going to end well..
  • Uncensored on Google Maps!
    Passed Driving Test (CAT B) – Thanks to Elaine
  • Make a Twitter Account MusicMat 
  • I Appear on Google Maps – UNCENSORED!
  • Short Weekend away with Jo’ann, can’t remember the location.
  • Became a ‘volunteer’ Travel Correspondent for Time FM Drivetime show. 
  • Visited Newcastle to see my friend Laura.


  • Laura Visits – “Mind The Gap” Becomes “One Baguette”
    January – Another Birthday
  • Relationship: Breaking Up with Jo’Ann. 
  • British Pullman ride (Bellmond) for Mum’s 50th Birthday. 
  • Relationship: Dating Lucy. 
  • Laura Visited London,  She hears ‘Mind the Gap” as “One Baguette”, Tube trains become subways sandwiches… 
  • Asked to Cover shows Time FM
  • Received a Team London Award for Volunteering at Bedrock Radio.


  • January – Turned 21, starting to feel old. – Parents Booked a Microlight
    21st Birthday Treat – I even got control of the stick!
    experience day! 
  • Became Presenter of the Weekday Afternoon Show on Time FM. 
  • Booked to Microlight flight – Got to fly the plane too.
  • Relationship: Broke up with Lucy.
  • Bedrock Radio’s 10th Birthday.
  • Unveiled plans to begin program of upgrades to the studio ‘Onward’ 
  • Saw Dave Gorman Live with Lauren, We buy CD from warm up act Jay Forman, we being singing “Stealing Food” to each other… 
  • Relationship: Dating Lauren.
  • Get added onto the car insurance for the Kia Soul, i’m let loose on the roads!
  • Visited Laura in Newcastle for her 21st Birthday. 


  • January – Another year old! 
  • Letter from Finland, gentleman had heard my Time FM Afternoon Show on his FM Rig! 
  • Lauren “Bum Hand Pocket” – rear pockets on jeans… Name now sticks forever.
  • Visage Night with Time FM – Ellie, Jo L & Caz came along.
    Visage with Jo, Ellie & Caz!
  • Jo L passed away in car collision – Ellie & Me in shock, later attended funeral. 
  • Forced by Time FM into “volunteering” to do a “Charity” Stand up gig… which wasn’t for a charity & I didn’t get paid., The experience of stand up fine, other aspects no. 
  • Myriad Installed & Live at Bedrock Radio
  • Signed up to Anthony Nolan Charity as a doner.
  • Visage Again with Time FM crew & Lauren. – Listeners loved Lauren more than me! 
  • I Cover various shows through including Breakfast & Drivetime. 


  • January  – birthday time! – given a chocolate teapot cake.
  • Time FM owners London Media Company / Sunrise put into administration & forced to sell up, making all staff redundant & selling the licence & studio. 
  • Time FM bought by Lyca mobile – While transfers happen all staff are muted #MatOnMute. 
  • Resumed Afternoon Show with new employer LycaMediaII , really don’t like the ‘freelance agreement’ i’m being forced to sign. 
  • Interviewed Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) at CEME for News Team. 
  • Delilah’s Pancakes – Lauren follows recipe, but gets name wrong – Pancakes are now forever known as De-Lihas at home.
  • Used Redundancy Payout to go Gadget Show Live with Lee, I make impluse purcahse of a drone… Lauren disapooves.
  • Tried Ostrich Steak Burgers – Lovely! 
  • Have a weekend away with Lauren at her Nans during her uni break. I win multiple games of Draughts. 
  • Havering Show with Time FM – Drone get’s used for some crowd footage. 
  • Relationship: Dumped by Lauren. Uni & other things in way of our relationship.
    Vino Time!
  • Lee comes to see  Dave Gorman with me at Westcliff, He introduces me to the Westcliff casino – I sign up. 
  • Spend a few months feeling sorry for myself after breaking up with Lauren & Work getting me down. Ellie takes me to the pub so we can drink & forget about life. 
  • Lee get’s involved with Jumbo Sound to help fix their studio. I slowly get involved in some minor repairs & Jokingly say how Bedrock & Jumbo should share programmes…. 
  • After months of in-denial flirting & not wanting to be in a relationship, me & Carly hit it off at a social night out, resulting in us going on a non date, date.
  • Relationship: Dating Carly (in a non date, date way… Makes sense right?)
  • I become a producer for Eric Hall’s Making Memories on Sundays on Time FM.


  • Another Year Older, must be January.
  • Me & Lee attended HBA Conference in Newcastle, Carly as a +1 to visit her friends.  – I start realising what a waste of time the HBA actually are.
  • Had Lunch with Laura while in Newcastle. Managed to avoid Sunderland completely knowing Lauren was still at Uni there. 
  • I get approached by Decades Radio, an online station operating in Dagenham, they have me prepare & produce David Hamilton’s Million Sellers show. Time FM become slightly annoyed that I’m working at another station nearby..  I state i’m on a ‘Freelance’ agreement, that doesn’t tie me in. 
  • Lee & Me get asked to host a School Fete (as Bedrock Raido),  Geoff the toy Shark becomes a thing. 
  • Decades Radio have me do ad-hoc breakfast cover as ‘Mathew Thomas’, so not to clash with Time FM, Decades Radio Breakfast is re-broadcast on NuSound Community Radio as their Breakfast show, covering East London (East Ham / Manor Park etc)
  • I’ve had enough of Time FM. They don’t want to give me a pay rise & are
    Last Ever Time FM Afternoon Show
    reluctant to make big changes with the pending studio move. They’ve likely had enough of me & my sarcasm, I apply for a new Job. 
  • Relationship: Carly & Me split up – In a non relationship, relationship way. 
  • I get accepted for the new job… I start by public ‘Count Down’ to my Last Show, Many listeners call / text / email their thoughts & we say our goodbyes, I’ll miss the listners most.
  • I pass my PCV test & gain a CAT D driving licence to drive buses for Stagecoach London.  I first drive the 252 with an instructor with my first solo run a week later on route 103 Rainham Station to Chase Cross (Romford) – I undoubably run late. 
  • Decades Radio closes as it struggled to make money, despite pulling in a small audience & hosting live roadshows. Everyone is disappointed, but we knew the risks.  
  • Lee & Myself fitted a new office desk at Bedrock as part of the upgrades.
  • Me & Dad went on a beer making experience in Brentwood Brewery we had two polypins of IPAto collect & drink over Christmas. Making it a very merry christmas.
  • First time behind the wheel of a single decker bus.. I managed to break it, shattering a pane of door glass.. I still don’t know how I did this. – I have an instant dislike of single deck buses. 


  • January – I’m 26, starting to get on a bit now. – Mum made a Bare shaped cake after finding the baking tin she used when I was a child. 
  • I’ve learned all the routes from RM garage. 103, 165, 174, 248, 252, 256, 287, 365 & 372. Also know NS routes 294 & started learning 496. 
  • Lee adds me to his car insurance as a named, as I saved him cash – Plus side I can now use his car as & when I like! 
  • Bedrock Radio take over Jumbo Sound – All Studios get refitted with newer gear following insurance payout – We won’t talk about the woodwork being cut wrong. 
  • I was rostered on the 287 route AKA ‘Barking Bin Lorry’. Following very heavy rain in June, I sitting in traffic for over an hour, I didn’t make it to Barking, until the 2nd part of the shift, on my last run. – A memorable day & plenty of lost mileage!
    New Gear at Bedrock Radio
  • United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, I voted Leave, after a bit of pencil waving, I’m dubbed a Brexiter. I think it could be good for the UK. But also who doesn’t want to watch the world fall apart?  
  • Bedrock Radio  & Bedrock Radio, Goodmayes start broadcasting, in addition We soft launched Bedrock GOLD, to target the older listeners.
  • Visited Whipps Cross Hospital Radio to help fix a network issue. 
  • Changed to 4 Day Rosta at work (12 to 14 hour shifts where killing me), becomming rostered on the 174 AKA ‘Dagenham Dustcart’…. Hated it.
  • Me & Lee went on an EU Roadtrip! Covering; Luxembourg, Zurich, Milano, Venice, Innsbruck, Munich, Prague, Berlin & Hamburg & Rotterdam
    Making full use of me being on his insurance! 


  • Jan – Getting ever older 
  • Hello London – TfL Bus Drivers course, met Sir Peter Hendy (Head of Network Rail) on the course, which surprised us all. 
  • I bought my own car – Kia Optima (AKA the Vixen)… I’m super pleased with myself.
    I bought a Car! – Kia Optima 3
  • I discover how much I actually enjoy driving the old TA Buses, I like them as much as the scanias. However, the TA days are numbered due to EU Emissions targets, I try to get my hands on one every late shift. 
  • General Election time. Reading the manifestos, I hovered the pencil between Conservative & UKIP. finally settling on UKIP.  I felt the others where too ‘soft & something for nothing’ 
  • I apply for another new job – this time within core TfL, not thinking i’ll get, I forget I’ve applied. 
  • Dad turns 60, Now I don’t feel so old, he does! – We spend a few days up in Cambridge with family. 
  • Bedrock Radio takes a vote to change to a CIO, Giving myself all the work. 
  • Mum is finally awarded the disability allowance she deserves & is able join the motability scheme. We say goodbye to the Kia Soul.
  • On The Buses
    I get a call back from the TfL Job & I’m asked to book in for assessment, these go well… I get invited into interview.
  • Bedrock Radio does a live music night & we broadcast it Live from a mobile studio. 
  • I’ve been offered the Job by TfL, I formalise by Notice of Resignation at Stagecoach with some sadness as I enjoyed driving buses, despite the god awfulnes of the 174.
  • My Cousin gets married again. Family catchup & the ennavale awkwardness of “Mat, You’re next” for the excuse to have a big family do.
  • Ellie & Me agree to have ‘monthly’ catch ups as we’ve hardly seen each other in the past year.  
  • I start my training as a CSA2 for London Underground Limited. I become rostered at South Kensington Station.
  • Me & Mum start a very long & ongoing ‘Ducky’ game – A Duck related gift now become standard every Birthday & Christmas. 



    • ‘Back In My Day, Birthdays used to be…’ – Yep Older still. Duck themed Cake this year. (See above)
    • The Dark Side – Underground
      I settle into working at South Ken with my new colleagues, although the commute is a slog, it’s a nice place to work.
    • HBA Conference in Windsor – I’m totally not buying their nonsense & remain firm on Bedrock Leaving the HBA. 
    • I begin the CIO Conversion for Bedrock Radio. 
    • I make friends with a squirrel. Mum nicknames it “Buddy”.
    • Lauren contacts me, we have a long catch up & reminisce about our relationship & ‘Stealing Food’. We have occasional catch ups every few months by text & few years in person. I’m still not 100% sure how I feel about this. But i’ve gone along with it. 
    • A rather warm summer I remember, felt sweaty.
    • Bestie Ellie get’s married to her long (suffering) fiance Chris! – I have a catch up with Ellie’s parents & some old school friends.
    • World Cup Fever, means a good excuse for the South Ken team to have a good drink.
    • I Finally admit I sorta like Curry… James doesn’t believe me, photo evidence is sent he calls me a “Tart”.. 
    • Tower Hill / Marks Lane Disused.
      I transfer to Tower Hill Area in order to get my promotion to CSA1. While it’s nearer to home. I felt there was something amiss with the staff & how the place operated – Turns out later my gut feeling was right.
    • Lee & Myself have started offering technical help to Harlow Hospital Radio, studio visits ensue.
    • Tower Hill Christmas Party on a boat.  Those of us who got on had a proper laugh. We almost threw colleague Rachel off the boat.
    • I got the CIO conversion done, Bedrock Radio now has a new direction.
    • I’ve got the Squirrel to now take food from my hand, I have a friend for life. 



  • Now 28… Christ, I’ll be 30 in two years! January is here.
  • Bedrock Radio, Goodmayes told parts of the old building are shutting & we need to remove equipment from them areas. 
  • Ellie & Me discover Tortilla at Lakeside, our catch ups regularly(ish) happen over burritos! 
  • I transfer back to South Kensington as a CSA1, About a month later preverbal hits the fan at Tower, proving my gut instinct was right – This was confirmed by staff there.
  • I discover I can park around Kensington on Sundays for free & my Car is ULEZ exempt (For now)… Sundays just become a lot nicer to work! 
  • Lee & Me sell the old mixer from Goodmayes & agreed to meet halfway in  Lincoln to hand it over. We realise this is where our friend Rebecca lives & met her the next day for breakfast.
  • Old & New 150 Steam Special with Dad
    I booked tickets for Me & Dad to ride the last Steam Specials on the District Line as part of it’s 150 year anniversary  – The special train was late.. by almost an hour.  
  • Family Day Trip to Colchester Zoo – Mum loved it, we made friends with a Duck (I know a whole zoo of animals, and I found the wild Duck most interesting).
  • I decided to take myself on a little holiday to Devon, to relax (I’ve not been away properly in a while) I went down to see my old school friend Shannon & explore the town.
  • Eden Project
    While in down West, I finally visited the Eden Project, which i’d been longing to see for years, I may go back in 2020 when all the plants in are in bloom. 
  • Finally opened a Help To Buy ISA to try & get onto the housing ladder.
  • Annoyed ‘Brexit’ hasn’t happened & on glancing through the manifestos I voted Conservative for the first time, I have formed more stronger views & find Labour intolerable, I find myself thinking ‘World owes people nothing, why do they want something for nothing’. 
  • 2009 / 2010 to 2019 / 2020
    Bedrock Radio Goodmayes, Studio closure confirmed by NHS as building is being closed. Lee & Myself hire a Van and clear the place out. A degree of Sadness is shared between us after all the effort put into keeping it on-air. Content will now come from Queen’s. 
  • Genuinely feeling a bit lost with life. I’ve started coming up with ideas of how to celebrate when I’m 30 in two years. 
  • Relationship Status: Single (Since 2015). I sti